About. Helen McLain Photography

About Helen

Born and raised in Belarus, so my youth years were spent in the former USSR. Now I live in Chicago and travel every chance I get. Photography became my passion during very difficult period in my life, and nowadays you can rarely see me walking around without my camera in my hands. In my works, I try to reflect my unique perspective on places I’ve seen and tell untold stories of people I’ve met. My area of interests includes documentary, travel and street photography. I have a particular interest in photographing contemporary America.  


  • Sony World Photography Award Professional competition — Shortlisted in Still Life category, 2024
  • 2nd B& W Athens Photography Festival  — Selected for Exhibition, 2024    
  • The Blank Wall Gallery, Athens  — Selected for “Conceptual” Exhibition, 2024
  • The Glasgow Gallery of Photography  — Selected for “Light and Shadow” Exhibition,  2023     
  • Siena International Photo Awards, 2023  — Shortlisted in Portfolio category
  • MonoVisions Photography Awards, 2022 — 2 Honorable Mentions in Portfolio category
  • MonoVisions Photography Awards, 2021 — Honorable Mention in Portfolio category  
  • Transversalidades — Photography without Borders, Portugal, 2020 and 2021 —  Honorable  Mention and selected for Exhibition    
  • Contributor to  F-Stop Magazine, 2021 and 2023  
  • Urban Awards, 2022 — Semifinalist in Portfolio category and  Selected for Trieste Photo Fringe Exhibition, Italy  
  • Urban Awards, 2021 and 2023 — Selected for Trieste Photo Fringe Exhibition in Portfolio category, Italy  
  • Current World of Archaeology magazine photo competition, UK, 2021 — Top 3 Winners 
  • RHS International Photographic Competition, UK, 2020 — Overall Winner
  • UNECE Global Photo contest, Switzerland, 2020 — Top 13, selected for 2021 UNECE Calendar and Exhibition at Palais des Nations, Geneva  
  • Digital Camera World — TOP20 Award winning photographs of 2020
  • Fotokrok Photo Festival, Belarus, 2020  and 2022 — Special Jury Prize and selected for Exhibition
  • Ellen Fitzgibbon Memorial Photography Competition — Featured Submission
  • SPIE International Day of Light Photo Contest 2020 — Featured Submission
  • 35Awards, 2020 and 2021 — Selected for 100 Best Photo Catalog